FroCoS 2021


The 13th International Symposium on Frontiers of Combining Systems

Important Dates
Paper Submission
Accepted Papers
Best Paper Awards
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Best Paper Awards

The program committee will select the FroCoS 2021 Best Paper, which will be awarded 500 Euros. In addition to that, the committee will select the FroCoS 2021 Best Paper by a Junior Researcher, which will be awarded 250 Euros.

Researchers will be considered junior if either they are students or their PhD award date is less than two years from the first day of the meeting, 8 September 2021. “Paper by a Junior Researcher” means that the paper’s main author is junior, or the paper’s main authors are all junior. For a paper to qualify, this information must be indicated in the pdf submission by adding an asterisk (*) at both the title and the main-author name(s). This information (main authorship by junior researcher(s)) is only for the reviewers, and should be removed from the camera-ready version in case of acceptance.


The winner of the Best Paper by a Junior Researcher award was “Quantifier Simplification by Unification in SMT” by Pascal Fontaine and Hans-Jörg Schurr with Hans-Jörg Schurr as the Junior Researcher.

The winner of the Best Paper award was “Symbol Elimination and Applications to Parametric Entailment Problems” by Dennis Peuter and Viorica Sofronie-Stokkermans.

Congratulations again to the winners.